SUPRISE!!! Hi Friends, here is some Good News for those who are interested.

I'm branching into a New area as an extension of my Web-Site (this is my most successful one) and is totally Free for visitors........I've now had 6,000 on it's Anniversary this week without promotions over the Net. Now to tell you what I'm up to.

I am commencing an Inspirational Store on INSPIRATIONS FOR YOU which

I want to KEEP FREE.

At present, I am designing Inspirational Post Cards - with blank side to write on freely OR to keep for relaxing inspirations. They will come with a presentable white envelope to keep the Card nice! It is hard to find Inspirational Post Cards but they do exist in recent times I found out. My range will have the same flavor as you see on my Web-Sites. YES!

Countries I am Posting to are AUSTRALIA, USA, UK, CANADA....IRELAND and JAMAICA.....based on Interest gauged on my Web-Sites and Economy of Flat-Rate Postage. Apologies to those I cannot oblige. I hope to have a Web-Card Site for everyone at some time.

There will be Nature Inspirations....Spiritual Inspirations and Women's Inspirations. There has been great excitement about it from workers who have seen the designs. I have some suprises up my sleeves. I simply love blessing others with my giftings I have been privileged to have in this last's nice to Share!


SEE NOW on Inspirational Cards Page

Here are some Samples: