I have a friend with precious gems

she really is a GEM.

She shares about life in special ways

her kindness I cannot repay.

Here I will share some of her light philosophies.

I trust that you are thoroughly blessed!

Recently I sent the following text to her and you can see her gracious reply.

"Like me, you are also a great believer in Hope.

Hope has always led me on and sustained my Faith in God.

I think the Faith, Hope and Love do always go together

like an inseparable trio, do you?

No wonder His Word says that these three Abide."

"Yes I agree, that Faith grants Hope that always shows itself in Love.

So to me they are always linked!

It's so wonderful to have a God who offers us so much

and who we can always rely on!

The certainty of God's Word = Faith

The promise of Heaven = Hope

God's Mercy, Forgiveness = Love

Blessings to you. Sheree"

All of life's circumstances are not perfect for us

but the riches of inspirations Jesus gives us are

and Sheree has so much to offer.

Coming Soon!

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